Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 5-4-18

May 4, 2018

Psalm 98 The Message (MSG)

In our passage today, the psalmist encourages us to praise the Lord for the salvation he provides humanity by his death and resurrection; as well, he calls us to praise the Lord because Christ will return soon to set the world and humanity righteous before him. Praise the Lord! One day God will deal with sin once and for all.  Sometimes, if we are willing to be honest, we would like God to overlook sin, but he simply loves us way too much to do so.  

Do you realize it is love that causes the Lord to set righteous boundaries for his children?  The boundary of love protects and establishes us in the image of Christ; ”’You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. And your neighbor as yourself.”’ (Matt 22:37).  The Lord desires more for us than we desire for ourselves.  God will deal with evil when he returns the next time.  In the meantime, let’s choose to let him love us into right living, so we are ready for his return.  Blessings for your weekend.

Psalm 98


Sing to God a brand-new song.

He’s made a world of wonders!

He rolled up his sleeves,

He set things right.

God made history with salvation,

He showed the world what he could do.

He remembered to love us, a bonus

To his dear family, Israel—indefatigable love.

The whole earth comes to attention.

Look—God’s work of salvation!

Shout your praises to God, everybody!

Let loose and sing! Strike up the band!

Round up an orchestra to play for God,

Add on a hundred-voice choir.

Feature trumpets and big trombones,

Fill the air with praises to King God.

Let the sea and its fish give a round of applause,

With everything living on earth joining in.

Let ocean breakers call out, “Encore!”

And mountains harmonize the finale—

A tribute to God when he comes,

When he comes to set the earth right.

He’ll straighten out the whole world,

He’ll put the world right, and everyone in it.

Prayer:  Lord, you have set the standard of love.  Holy Spirit, help me to honor it with my life.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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