Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 6-1-20

Romans 8:18-24 TPT A Glorious Destiny
18 I am convinced that any suffering we endure is less than nothing compared to the magnitude of glory [radiant beauty] that is about to be unveiled within us. 19 The entire universe is standing on tiptoe, [intense anticipation] yearning to see the unveiling of God’s glorious sons and daughters! 20 For against its will the universe itself has had to endure the empty futility [chaos] resulting from the consequences of human sin. But now, with eager expectation, 21 all creation longs for freedom from its slavery to decay and to experience with us the wonderful freedom coming to God’s children. 22 To this day we are aware of the universal agony and groaning of creation, as if it were in the contractions of labor for childbirth. 23 And it’s not just creation. We who have already experienced the firstfruits of the Spirit [Awakening] also inwardly groan as we passionately long to experience our full status as God’s sons and daughters—including our physical bodies being transformed. 24 For this is the hope of our salvation.
But hope means that we must trust and wait for what is still unseen. For why would we need to hope for something we already have?

The revelation or “unveiling” of the Lord is at hand. Soon it will take place and we must be ready. God’s glory will come to enter us in a supernatural and surprising way. Believers will be filled and permeated with the divine glory and as that happens, the world will know we belong to the Lord. There will be no question that God’s glory lives in us. It’s so very exciting!

Prayer: Lord, thank you for making me One with you in the Spirit. I wait for the unveiling of what is now unseen within me, but I know is imminent. I love you and I pray for your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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