Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 6-22-20

Revelation 2:1-7 (TPT) Christ’s Letter to Ephesus
2 Write the following to the messenger of the congregation in Ephesus [translates: Desirable]. For these are the words of the one who holds the seven stars firmly in his right hand, [symbolic of authority and power] who walks among the seven golden lampstands:

2 I know all that you’ve done for me—you have worked hard and persevered. I know that you don’t tolerate evil. You have tested those who claimed to be apostles and proved they are not, for they were imposters. 3 I also know how you have bravely endured trials and persecutions because of my name, yet you have not become discouraged.[endured without complaining] 4 But I have this against you: you have abandoned the passionate love you had for me at the beginning. 5 Think about how far you have fallen! Repent [take the mind of Christ] and do the works of love you did at first. I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place of influence if you do not repent.

6 Although, to your credit, you despise the practices of the Nicolaitans, which I also despise.[rituals to rule over people] 7 The one whose heart is open let him listen carefully to what the Spirit is saying now to all the churches. To the one who overcomes [experiences victory] I will give access to feast on the fruit of the Tree of Life that is found in the paradise of God.[now in the hearts of Christ’s followers]

Whether we are working hard and persevering for Christ, taking a stand against evil, or enduring trials without complaining, our motivation for a life of service must be our passionate love for Christ. In fact, our love for Christ and for each other is how the world should be able to recognize the children of God. And our victory or reward for obediently revealing this great love is the ability to enjoy eternal life now. Is Christ your first love?

Prayer: Lord, you continue to make me stronger each day as I focus on loving you and being a blessing for the Kingdom. Holy Spirit, please continue to help me remain focused. In Jesus’ name.

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