Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 7-11-16

Daily Reading: 7-11-16

Psalm 15 The Voice (VOICE)


God created humans to enjoy relationships. We are to love Him and worship Him alone. In His Presence we find our true home and our hearts His dwelling place; our hearts are supremely valuable. Just think of it. The Eternal One knows our hearts and welcomes us to enjoy Him when our motives are sincere. This is the very reason we must diligently guard our hearts because from a sincere and pure heart come the good and noble things of life (Proverbs 4:23). Out of our hearts, we can release the life of God into the world through our thoughts, words, and actions. But with that knowledge, we must remember turning our hearts and devotion will always be the target of the enemy.


For people who do not guard their hearts, they will be led all over the place by their emotions and fears. We see that going on in our world, today. Do not be tossed to and fro by the enemy. Allow God’s love to rule your heart and trust the work of His grace through you.  Listen to the Voice of the Spirit and follow peace.



Eternal One, who is invited to stay in Your dwelling?

    Who is granted passage to Your holy mountain?

Here is the answer: The one who lives with integrity, does what is right,

    and speaks honestly with truth from the heart.

The one who doesn’t speak evil against others

    or wrong his neighbor,

    or slander his friends.

The one who loathes the loathsome,

    honors those who fear the Eternal,

And keeps all promises no matter the cost.


The one who does not lend money with gain in mind

    and cannot be bought to harm an innocent name.


If you live this way, you will not be shaken and will live together with the Lord.


Prayer: Father it is my desire to love you with my entire being. Help me to do what is right before you as I love others and help me to speak truth from the heart. Holy Spirit, help me to guard my heart with all diligence, today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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