Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 7-18-19

July 18, 2019

Amos 5:10-17 Contemporary English Version


Last night I was reading some excerpts from a book on evangelism; specially, I was reading about evangelist, Charles G. Finney who was a leader in the Second Great Awakening—a 19th century protestant revival in the United States. This man of God spent years preaching about “heart reform” or conversion that would lead people toward a movement of “social reform” or justice.   Finney had an encounter with the Spirit of God that set a new course for how he viewed Christianity; the Christian’s responsibility before God to live revealing the Truth of Christ’s indwelling presence.  Finney’s passion to see God’s people understand the essential work of the Word, faith, and grace to bring holy reform to humanity’s sinful heart and actions, actually influenced the nation’s leaders and helped to abolish slavery in our country. Reading and preaching the Word of God set forth a plumb line of responsibility for the lives and actions of God’s sons and daughters. When the heart of a person is given to the Lordship of Christ—placing faith in him alone—all things are possible. Where sin abounds, grace becomes even more abundant (Rom. 5:20). To God be the Glory!


In our passage today, the prophet Amos is delivering a similar message from Almighty God to his people; they are to live in the Truth and reflect God’s character and heart to the world.


Amos 5:10-17


If you really want to live,

you must stop doing wrong

    and start doing right.

I, the Lord God All-Powerful,

will then be on your side,

    just as you claim I am.


Choose good instead of evil!

    See that justice is done.


Prayer:  Lord, my heart and actions matter to the work of your Kingdom.  I realize you want to be Lord of my life, so my life can be an instrument to manifest your revelation and change.  Keep me passionate and enthusiastic about your work in and through me.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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