Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 7-21-21

Psalm 61:5-8 (TPT) A Psalm of Prayer by King David, Cont.
You have heard my sweet resolutions
to love and serve you, for I am your beloved.
And you have given me an inheritance of rich treasures,
which you give to all your devoted lovers.
You treat me like a king, giving me a full and abundant life,
years and years of reigning,
like many generations rolled into one.
I will live enthroned with you forever!
Guard me, God, with your unending, unfailing love.
Let me live my days walking in grace and truth before you.
And my praises will fill the heavens forever,
fulfilling my vow to make every day a love-gift to you!

While walking Gracie the other day, I had one of our local police officers pull his car up along side me and initiate a conversation. I have spoken to him on many occasions in the past, but I have always initiated the conversation. We laughed and shared a bit about family, pets, and integrity—yes, they all go together! lol! He is a kind and honorable man and I told him how much I appreciated the safety he provided for us in our neighborhood. The officer smiled at me, paused, and said, “Thank you so much!”

In our passage today, David’s prayer continues as he praises the Lord for the inheritance of grace that covers devoted worshipers: 1) those who fear or reverence God and his authority, 2) those who run from offending God by humbly acknowledging their need for his guidance, and 3) those who live with praise and gratitude for God’s chosen plan to protect and care for his own. We either believe that God has strategically positioned around us other spiritual children who are devoted to love and honor the Father, as well as serve their fellow neighbors, or we do not. I believe this police officer is positioned by God to protect this small community; so, I welcome his care, pray for his safety, and praise God for protecting us. By trusting in God’s grace, I can live each day as a love-gift to the Lord!

Prayer: Lord, thank you for providing abundant life for me. I am so blessed. You are always guarding and protecting me so I do not need to be afraid; rather, I can walk in confidence by love and grace. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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