Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 7-22-20

Matthew 12:15-21 (The Voice)

15 Jesus knew that the Pharisees were plotting to kill Him and left the area. Many people followed Him, and He healed them all, 16 always insisting that they tell no one about Him. 17 He did this in keeping with the prophecy Isaiah made so long ago:
This is My servant, whom I have well chosen;
    this is the One I love, the One in whom I delight.
I will place My Spirit upon Him;
    He will proclaim justice to all the world.
He will not fight or shout
    or talk loudly in the streets.
He will not crush a reed under His heel
    or blow out a smoldering candle
    until He has led justice and righteousness to final victory.
All the world will find its hope in His name.

In our passage today, Jesus does not want the people he heals to tell others about his miracles, because he does not want them coming to him for the wrong reasons. Christ wants people to hunger for the truth of God’s justice—to be made right in relationship with God, one another, and the natural creation. The Pharisees have cared more about their animals than the people; an act of hypocrisy and injustice for which Jesus will take issue. The people care more about having a Messiah who will step up as the king of Israel and fight all “their” visible enemies; an act of immaturity and injustice in their response to God. Neither group understand Christ’s mission to provide salvation from spiritual enemies, as well as provide a way to genuinely know God’s love for all nations and his heart for wholeness. Christ’s invitation goes way beyond Israel to the nations; therefore, the world will find its hope in His name. He is the King of kings. I pray for the nations of the world to see the revelation of their righteous King—the Lord who proclaims justice and makes things right.

Prayer: Lord, when I am tempted to think your salvation is narrow in focus because of what is visible, help me to remember you have come to save the world and as I trust you I can be a part of it. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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