Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 7-29-20

Mark 4:30-34 (TPT)
Parable of the Tiny Mustard Seed
30 And he told them this parable: “How can I describe God’s kingdom realm? Let me illustrate it with this parable. 31 It is like the mustard seed, the tiniest of all the seeds, 32 yet when it springs up and grows, it becomes the largest plant in the garden. And with so many enormous spreading branches, even birds can nest in its shade.”[God’s realm will become the greatest Kingdom of all]

Jesus Always Taught Using Parables
33 Jesus used many parables such as these as he taught the people, and they learned according to their ability to understand. 34 He never spoke to them without using parables, but would wait until they were alone before he explained their meanings to his disciples.[Jesus unveils things to his disciples when we are alone with him]

Christianity seems to be under attack in different places in the world. If we listen to the news or read current event articles we are aware of the attacks against Christ and his followers—the Church. Such things should not take us by surprise, because the Word—Jesus—said it would happen. Still, by faith we look for God to make a community of believers in every nation before Christ returns, so we faithfully pray and ask for God to increase us and enlarge our territories. In our passage today, Jesus teaches how the Kingdom has small beginnings, but as people connect to the Word, the Kingdom grows and grows in size and influence. Abide in the Word of God and find yourself growing; thinking and living more like Christ. Make no mistake you need your spiritual armor; Satan is never far from believers. What is his goal? To attack the living Word of Truth in the hearts of believers in order to diminish faith and trust in God’s love and care for his own. You belong to Christ and you are his treasure. Don’t believe Satan; he’s a liar!

Prayer: Lord, thank you for your perfect love and care of me each day. I walk by faith knowing I belong to you and I pray for the advancement of your Kingdom. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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