Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 8-16-21

Psalm 101 (TPT) David’s Praise Song
Lord, I will sing about your faithful love for me.
    My song of praise will have your justice as its theme.

I’m trying my best to walk in the way of integrity,
    especially in my own home.
    But I need your help!
    I’m wondering, Lord, when will you appear?

I refuse to gaze on that which is vulgar.
    I despise works of evil people
    and anything that moves my heart away from you.
    I will not let evil hold me in its grip.

Every perverse and crooked way I have put away from my heart,
    for I will have nothing to do with the deeds of darkness.[evil]

I will silence those who secretly want to slander my friends,
    and I will not tolerate the proud and arrogant.

My innermost circle [closest relationships] will only be those
    who I know are pure and godly.
    They will be the only ones I allow to minister to me.

There’s no room in my home for hypocrites,
    for I can’t stand chronic liars who flatter and deceive.

At each and every sunrise I will awake to do what’s right
    and put to silence those who love wickedness,
    freeing God’s people from their evil grip.
    I will do all of this because of my great love for you!

In our passage today, David sings a praise song about the love and justice of the Lord. He thanks God for helping him walk in integrity and righteousness and David commits to doing his part in honoring God’s will. He praises God for being his Source and Strength and he invites God to continue his work of character-building. As a source of help, David recognizes that God has surrounded him with people who also love godliness and encourage his faith. He is greatly blessed of the Lord. David praises God for the ability to turn from evil, as well as the power to send evil packing. Because David wants nothing to do with evil, he sets his focus on pleasing God by filling his mouth with words of love and praise for his Lord.

When we praise the Lord in word or song, like David, we are exalting God’s glorious light and faithfulness for us in a fallen world that is deceived by the darkness. We are lifting the righteous name of the Lord like a banner high above this dark and wicked natural realm while casting the focus upon the glorious reality of heaven to which we belong. Like David we must live by faith in what God has promised to be and do in our lives; God is our Source and Strength for life. We do not have the power to overcome evil in our flesh. We must use faith—a measure that has been gifted to us by God—and trust the Lord to hear our cries for help because he is always ready in our times of need (Ps. 46:1). “For we come to God in faith [believing] knowing that he is real and that he rewards the faith of those who passionately seek him (Heb 11:6). May we cling to the Lord who liberates us from evil. Then, out of gratitude, may we turn to free others from evil’s grip, as well.

Prayer: Lord, your Word is always teaching me and your leaders of biblical faith are a great blessing when I need help putting things into a heavenly perspective. Like David, with each sunrise, I will live in the righteous freedom you have provided, as well as help others by pulling them toward the truth of salvation and away from the grips of evil. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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