Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 8-18-21

Psalm 36:5-7 (TPT)

But you, O Lord, your mercy-seat love is limitless,
    reaching higher than the highest heavens.
    Your great faithfulness is infinite,
    stretching over the whole earth.

Your righteousness is unmovable,
    just like the mighty mountains.
    Your judgments are as full of wisdom
    as the oceans are full of water.
    Your tender care and kindness leave no one forgotten,
    not a man or even a mouse.

O God, how extravagant is your cherishing [covenant] love!
    All mankind can find a hiding place
    under the shadow of your wings.

In our passage today from the Psalter, David praises God for his covenant love; he asks the Lord to provide refuge from wickedness for the people who rest in the shadow of his wings. Like David, I am praying that prayer of safety for our military troops, as well as the people of Afghanistan. I am praying for the Wisdom of God (Christ) to lead and guide now. The collapse of the Afghan government has been swift and complete. I can only imagine the confusion and chaos experienced by the people as they try to make sense of life now. My heart is grieved by what I hear and see; a humanitarian crisis leaving women and children vulnerable under Taliban rule. When people want power they promise all kinds of things, my friends.

Yet, I am reminded that Jesus told us in the end times, “You will hear of wars and revolutions on every side, with more rumors of wars to come. Don’t panic or give in to your fears, for the breaking apart of the world’s systems is destined to happen. But it won’t yet be the end; it will still be unfolding. Nations [ethnic groups] will go to war against nations and kingdoms against kingdoms. And there will be terrible earthquakes, horrible epidemics, and famines in place after place. This is how the birth pains of the new age [Christ and his Bride ruling the nations] will begin! You [believers] can expect to be persecuted, even killed; for you will be hated by all the nations because of your love for me. Then many will stop following me and fall away [take offense], and they will betray one another and hate one another. And many lying prophets will arise, deceiving multitudes and leading them away from the path of truth. There will be such an increase of the sin of lawlessness that those whose hearts once burned with passion for God and others will grow cold. But hold your hope [endure] firmly to the end and you will experience life and deliverance. Yet through it all, the good news of heaven’s kingdom will be proclaimed all over the world, providing every nation with a demonstration of the reality of God. And after that the end of this age will arrive” (Mat 24:6-14).

Prayer: Father, we need your peace, because the world cannot provide it. Call your people to gather under the shadow of your protective wing. We pray for righteousness to rise up out of the ashes of wickedness permeating this world. We pray for your Spirit to lead, guide, and protect our courageous military troops. We pray for the people of Afghanistan to seek your face and call on you for salvation. Reveal the demonstration of your reality in every nation. Bring us the wisdom of Christ as we lead our lives, love our families, and serve you and your Kingdom. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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