Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 8-24-21

Psalm 119:97-104 I Love the Word of God
O how I love and treasure your law [Word];
    throughout the day I fill my heart with its light!
By considering your commands I have an edge over my enemies,
    for I take seriously everything you say.
You have given me more understanding than those who teach me,
    for I’ve absorbed your eye-opening revelation.
You have graced me with more insight than the old sages
    because I have not failed to walk in the light of your ways.
I refused to bend my morals when temptation was before me
    so that I could become obedient to your Word.
I refuse to turn away from difficult truths,
    for you yourself have taught me to love your words.
How sweet are your living promises to me;
    sweeter than honey is your revelation-light.
For your truth is the source of my understanding,
    not the falsehoods of those who don’t know you, which I despise.

In our passage today from King David, we cannot help but notice the intense love David has for the law of the Lord—the Word of God. It’s like David just cannot get enough of it. What prompts David’s intense hunger for God’s Word? I believe the answer is practical experience. The more he learns about God’s heart from the Word and the more he puts obedience to God’s will into practice he gains more love and wisdom which he notices gives him an “edge over” his enemies. So ponder this with me: If we really knew consuming and applying God’s Word to our lives would cause us to have power and victory over the evil that seeks to destroy us, wouldn’t we actually be foolish not to bring an appetite for His holiness?

We have spiritual enemies that are working all the time to diminish our devotion to God’s Word. The enemy works hard at getting us to quit, because he knows if we are passionate about God and determined to apply his Word to our hearts we will be infinitely more powerful because we will actually have the authority of God with us. Don’t let the difficult truths from the Word stop you; we are to live by every Word that flows from the mouth of God (Mat 4:4). Bow before every Word and know God is constantly working to get a greater measure of truth and understanding to you. God’s promises are sweet and they are given as a gift to lead us into genuine life. No one can take in God’s Word for you; you must eat the Truth yourself and be willing to live it out each day in your unique personality.

Prayer: Lord, your grace wraps around me and your love consumes me as I eat from the Truth of your Word each day. I am a human being on a spiritual journey and I must listen to your Word and take it in so that I may have the spiritual life with you I desire. The very words you have spoken are spirit and life. Today, Father, I pray for your sons and daughters around the world, but especially for those in Afghanistan. Many of them are surrounded by arrogant spiritual enemies bent on destruction. However, I pray power, courage, and endurance over these sweet Christians. I pray that all of your children will continually eat from your Tree of Life—your Word—and grow stronger and more determined each day to live for your glory. In your hand, we are protected and by your grace we are equipped to win every battle against evil on behalf of your Kingdom. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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