Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 8-29-19

1 Peter 3:8-12 New Life Version (NLV)

Pride hinders us from abiding or communing with God. In fact, Scripture teaches God detests a prideful or haughty spirit (Prov. 8:13). In his sermon on the Mount of Beatitudes, Jesus taught the “poor in spirit” or humble are blessed to inherit the Kingdom of God (Matt. 5:3). If we are poor in spirit, we understand our spiritual emptiness apart from the work of Grace, as well as our inability to save ourselves. Pride is a constricting spirit that seeks to hinder the exaltation of God who is Love. Pride tempts the human soul seeking to induce self-worship; rather than worship God from whom all things are provided. As well, the enemy uses pride to restrict sacrificial love in our relationships; pride brings division to the Body of Christ. So, we need to be mindful of how pride works against our relationship with God and others. Once we identify a wrong spirit of pride, we know the answer is agape.

Peter understood the destructive work of pride, because he suffered from it before Christ delivered him. In Christ, Peter learned the power of love. Agape—sacrificial love—overcomes pride. So, let the love of God take down any pride that tries to exalt itself in your life. Humble yourself, worship, and exalt God above all things.

1 Peter 3:8-12 Teaching for All Christians
8 Last of all, you must share the same thoughts and the same feelings. Love each other with a kind heart and with a mind that has no pride. 9 When someone does something bad to you, do not do the same thing to him. When someone talks about you, do not talk about him. Instead, pray that good will come to him. You were called to do this so you might receive good things from God. 10 For “If you want joy in your life and have happy days, keep your tongue from saying bad things and your lips from talking bad about others. 11 Turn away from what is sinful. Do what is good. Look for peace and go after it. 12 The Lord watches over those who are right with Him. He hears their prayers. But the Lord is against those who sin.”

Prayer: Lord, thank you for this lesson on spiritual pride; a mindset that hinders fellowship with you and my connection with others. May I willingly humble myself under your mighty hand each day. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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