Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary – 8-31-20

Psalm 17:1
I am pleading for your help, O Lord; for I have been honest and have done what is right, and you must listen to my earnest cry!

Do you believe in the power of prayer? Psalm 17 is a prayer written by King David. David was the King of Israel and a man after God’s own heart. He trusted God with everything. David believed that the Word of God was the Living Truth; and so, this prayer was a cry to the Lord that came from the depths of David’s heart. It’s obvious that David’s heart belonged fully to God.

Do you pray like King David? I must be completely honest with you, as a child, teenager, and young adult my prayer time seemed almost scripted. It was as if I were marking off checkboxes of things I had to say and then I could move on or go to sleep. Then there was a period within my adulthood that I completely walked away from my faith. I didn’t pray at all during that time because I was angry with God that He didn’t answer one of my prayers during a very difficult time. Looking back, I can say that my heart didn’t belong to God (like King David), I didn’t put God first, and if I’m being completely transparent, I didn’t have a relationship with Christ. So, how does “that person” end up writing today’s devotion? Well, I allowed Jesus into my heart and ever since that moment I have been working on our relationship and allowing Him to make necessary changes in my life. Much like any other relationship, the work never stops if you want to see things grow. The only difference from every other relationship, is that this one needs to come first to improve all the other relationships. In my relationship with Jesus I focus on putting in the time to learn about Him (reading the Bible) and I work on being a good communicator (by praying). I now realize that Jesus hears every spoken and unspoken prayer that you and I have. He hears our cries, our praises, our pleas, our uncertainties, our intercessions, He hears when we claim His Blood on bended knee just as He knows our smallest quick prayer whispered in our hearts. I now know that Jesus hears the scripted prayers, and He loves them as much as He loves all prayers and each of us. He most definitely hears the prayers that don’t end up turning out the way we had hoped, and in those moments, He is holding us, so we need to turn and hold Him back and allow Him to carry us through those difficult moments. We must NEVER let go of Jesus!

The next time you pray, please remember that you are a citizen of heaven (Phil 3:20), as Peter mentioned during yesterday’s sermon, and you are communicating with your 1st and eternal love.

Prayer: Jesus, thank You for transforming my heart. I wish to please You with my life. Help to guide me on the path You have for me, each day, and continue to allow me to see how You are growing me into your likeness. Thank You for hearing my prayers. In Your Name, Jesus. Amen

Written By: Jen Auer

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