Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 8-8-19

Psalm 33:12-15, 18 Contemporary English Version (CEV)

Worshiping Creator God is an essential foundation upon which to build eternal blessings; worship places our lives in God’s Hands as our Maker. When we worship God we are bowing our lives in an act of respect to His sovereign rule of mercy, love, and kindness. We welcome God to shape our lives as we worship.

Scripture teaches, it is the heart of God that all nations would worship Him, so He could guide the world with His righteous, loving, and just Hand. One day He will have that place. Every day I pray for all people and all nations to worship God and give Him the honor He is due. In order for that to happen, people must embrace God’s love found in the saving work of Christ. Daily, do you pray diligently for our nation—all nations—to worship Almighty God?

Psalm 33:12-15, 18


The Lord blesses each nation

that worships only him.

He blesses his chosen ones.


The Lord looks at the world


from his throne in heaven,

and he watches us all.


The Lord gave us each a mind,

and nothing we do

can be hidden from him.


But the Lord watches over


who honor him

and trust his kindness.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for watching over your creation. May your love continue to call humanity to a posture of worship. May my life demonstrate the honor and trust I have in you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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