Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 9-16-20

Mark 11:20-25 TPT Lessons of Faith
20 In the morning, they passed by the fig tree that Jesus spoke to and it was completely withered from the roots up. 21 Peter remembered and said to him, “Teacher, look! That’s the fig tree you cursed. It’s now all shriveled up and dead.”

22 Jesus replied, “Let the faith of God be in you! 23 Listen to the truth I speak to you: If someone says to this mountain with great faith and having no doubt, [refuse to be undecided in your heart] ‘Mountain, be lifted up and thrown into the midst of the sea,’ and believes that what he says will happen, it will be done. 24 This is the reason I urge you to boldly believe for whatever you ask for in prayer—believe that you have received it and it will be yours. 25 And whenever you stand praying, if you find that you carry something in your heart against another person, release him and forgive him so that your Father in heaven will also release you and forgive you of your faults.

In our passage today, Jesus is speaking and revealing the reality of a coming time of judgment and our need for faith in the redeeming work of Christ and the righteous fruit-bearing work of the Spirit moving in our lives. As believers, we know it is the Spirit who moves us into Kingdom living. We are humbled that God would forgive us, use us, and empower us for his glory, so we are quick to forgive others. We also understand that in Christ we turn from barrenness to fruitfulness by the grace of God, so we embrace the Spirit of Life and stand on the Word of God believing all things are possible. We see ourselves in the Gospel story and boldly live it out through righteous prayer. This is what it means to be a follower of Christ.

Jesus cursed [judged] the fig tree because it was not bearing fruit. Jesus is perfectly righteous and he would never judge unfairly, so we know the tree had potential but failed to fulfill its destiny when the Master called for fruit. There are so many lessons here, but let’s take a minute to look at the symbolism of Christ cursing the fig tree. Like the tree, our religious rituals, worship, works, and prayers are fruitless without the anointing of Christ and the creative and healing movement of the Spirit. Our prayers must be driven by the purpose of God in the power of the Spirit. Jesus reveals two essentials for prayer: 1) believe you are a carrier of Kingdom potential and the restoration that God wants to reveal on earth and 2) focus every request on your faith in God alone to perform it. Whatever obstacle stands before you [mountain] God is greater! Obstacles are simply opportunities for the authority of God.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for the Truth and for the ability to flow in the Spirit for the Kingdom that I carry within me. Make me bold in my asking and holy in my expectations. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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