Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 9-2-16

Daily Reading: 9-2-16

Psalm 1 Contemporary English Version (CEV)


If I were to ask you what makes you happy, how would you answer my question?  Many people think happiness is based on temporal pleasures; when everything in life is going well we can be happy.  Yet, Scripture teaches that happiness is actually simply knowing and following Truth (Jesus).  We were created to live in the Truth of God’s love through the Savior.  It is how God made us.  So, when we do not align our lives with the Truth, we may know fleeting pleasure but not biblical happiness.  If we are not discovering and following the Truth with our lives, who are we following?  The advice of the Liar.


The word blessed is translated “happy or to be envied.”  In our passage today, the Psalmist laid out the Way to Happiness or blessing; the way to success in everything we do.


Psalm 1 The Way to Happiness

God blesses those people

    who refuse evil advice

    and won’t follow sinners

    or join in sneering at God.

Instead, the Law of the Lord

    makes them happy,

    and they think about it

    day and night.

They are like trees

    growing beside a stream,

trees that produce

fruit in season

    and always have leaves.

Those people succeed

    in everything they do.

That isn’t true of those

    who are evil,

    because they are like straw

    blown by the wind.

Sinners won’t have an excuse

    on the day of judgment,

    and they won’t have a place

    with the people of God.

The Lord protects everyone

    who follows him,

    but the wicked follow a road

    that leads to ruin.


Prayer:  Lord, I choose to build my life on the foundation of Truth found in your Word and not on the lies of the enemy that try to destroy me.  Thank you for the Truth of your love for me, desire for relationship, and how you created me to live.   Thank you for revealing the way to true happiness and blessing. In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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