Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 9-23-19

Mark 12:41-44 The Voice (VOICE)

Giving all of ourselves to the Lord and the work of his Kingdom is God’s call to every believer. Our measure of gratitude is revealed in how we give “our” time, talents, and resources to God. A believer with a right attitude about what is “ours” knows everything comes from God and is brought into our lives through the blessing he promised long ago. It makes giving so much easier when we realize what we have been given is a gift that must be held lightly and released through the directing hand of God.

In our passage today, Jesus teaches the value of the gift is not determined by its amount, but by the spirit in which it is given. We must not give out of compulsion, but out of love; that is always the right attitude to please God. He welcomes and appreciates every gift that is given out of a spirit of gratitude and faith that trust God to always supply. The woman in our story is so full of love for the Lord she gives all she has to him; she cannot hold anything back because of her great love. This is really a picture of how we should consistently live in a spiritual realm. Give yourself—your whole being—to God and see what he can do in and through you.

Mark 12:41-44
41 Jesus sat down opposite the treasury, where people came to bring their offerings, and He watched as they came and went. Many rich people threw in large sums of money, 42 but a poor widow came and put in only two small coins worth only a fraction of a cent.

Jesus (calling His disciples together): 43 Truly this widow has given a greater gift than any other contribution. 44 All the others gave a little out of their great abundance, but this poor woman has given God everything she has.

Prayer: Lord, I want the measure of my gratitude to be clearly reflected in how I give every aspect of myself to you. You deserve the whole package known as Mary. Mold and shape me for your glory. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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