Daily Devotional from Peter Talbott 09-04-23

From September 4th through September 14th several Connect2Christ Church Family members will be leading our devotional time. This will allow us an opportunity to learn more about our brother’s and sister’s hearts for Christ through each of their devotions.

My name is Peter Talbott. I am a founding member of Connect2Christ Church, and I am currently serving as the church Administrator and the convening member of the Board of Directors.

My spiritual gifts are:

Exhortation (I deliver the announcements and the invocation during Sunday worship, and I have also brought the message on occasions when Pastor Mary has been absent.)

Apostleship (As stated above, I am a founding member of the church and have been a member of the board since that time. I played a major role in the purchase of the church building in 2013 serving as the negotiator between ourselves and Regions Bank.)

Giving (I work closely with the church treasurer to ensure that the church finances, income and expenses are accurately kept, and all salaries and invoices are paid in a timely fashion. I develop the annual church budget in conjunction with the Board of Directors for presentation to the congregation at the church’s annual meeting.

Leadership (I work closely with Pastor Mary and the Board of Directors in guiding the church both in worship and mission according to the direction in which we believe God is leading us.)

God touched my life many years ago by placing me in leadership positions at the two previous churches I attended – one in Connecticut, one in Florida, and now at C2C Church. He most recently touched my life five years ago when I had a massive heart attack. Many of you know I passed away three times in the operating room but the skilled hands of the cardiologist and others on the staff at Morton Plant Hospital plus God’s intersession gave me life. Pastor Mary has told me on several occasions that God didn’t have a place ready for me and that I had additional work to do both in my family and our church. I am truly blessed to continue my life’s journey.

One of my favorite pieces of scripture is:

2 Chronicles 7:14

“Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.”

I believe the only way our country will regain its world leadership position is if EVERYONE realizes that we must stop worshiping at the foot of the idol of wokeism and self-centeredness and recognize that Jesus and only Jesus is the answer to the degradation of our society.

I challenge you to pray regularly for our country.

Prayer: Thank You for my country, Lord, for my family and friends and the freedom that we have enjoyed up to now. Keep Your hand on this my nation and give our leaders wisdom to see Your ways and to look to You for the direction that we, as a nation, need to go. But also, Lord help me hold the things of this world lightly, knowing that my true citizenship is in heaven, as part of Your heavenly kingdom. Amen

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