Difficult People: The Dreamer

Our chat about different personality types continues, today, with a focus on The Dreamer.  Oh, how wonderful it is to dream and live in the “way beyond,” but this person has difficulty coming down out of the clouds to get something done!  Do you know The Dreamer?

The thing that makes The Dreamer difficult is that although his/her ideas are amazing and they can talk to you about one idea after another, most of the time they do not have the strategy portion thought out.  Now, for those of us who lean on the personality side of “git-r-dun” we really may feel like stringing this person up by their toes.  But, cut them some slack, because many times The Dreamer does not know how to manifest the dream in tangible ways.  This person can be a real challenge to deal with if you are trying to work with him/her on tasks or jobs that have a deadline.  The Dreamer wants to talk and we are frustratingly waiting at the starting gate looking at our watches!

Possible Coping Strategies:  Remember, most of the time this person is not trying to annoy us; that is not the motive.  A visionary–The Dreamer–just needs to connect/partner with a strategist.  It is important to help The Dreamer develop his/her gifts further; to help bring an action skeleton to the ideas.  If we can help him/her see that an idea will work and this is a way, then we can help them begin to think further in how to make the idea happen–stretch the thinking and build excitement.  This will cause The Dreamer to feel valuable.  Don’t let The Dreamer stay in the clouds; share God’s love by helping him/her grow and learn how to manifest a dream.

“Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins.”  1 Peter 4:8