Difficult People: The Taker or User

We have been talking about how different personalities challenge our love walk each day.  Let’s get real and honest here.  You know the ones I’m talking about; the folks who press our buttons "just so" making it difficult to give them Jesus!  Some people use us; take advantage of us.  Jesus knows all about it; he took up the cross for the users and takers, too.  Now, he challenges us to do the same.  "If you refuse to take up your cross and follow me, you are not worthy of being mine."  I guess that means sometimes our reactions have to be placed on the cross, so we can follow the agape path with Jesus, right?

Difficult Personality #2:  The Taker/User.  If we stop for a minute and think about it we know people who we feel use us; take advantage of us. This person is busy trying to gather everything for themselves.   For some reason, this personality feels if they do not take the things they need, even if it means using us, they will not be happy or will be in lack.   It takes placing great confidence in the love of God for us to avoid being a taker; we’re selfish.  Apart from Grace we can all fall short of living in God’s love.

Possible Coping Strategy:  Recognize what is motivating this personality type–fear.  We must offer love by setting boundaries.  There is nothing wrong with protecting your time and energy, as well as helping people remain accountable in loving you. If you don’t set boundaries, you risk an equally wrong mindset and become a martyr.  Many times people do not realize they are using us; be honest and help them by setting "love" boundaries.  Believe the best and stand the test!