Evangelical Devotional 07-29-23

Last week, we looked at the College Campus Revivals throughout the Jesus Movement.  It was such an amazing thing to read about and get a better understanding of what evangelism looked like on a college campus.  This week, I want to examine at a very familiar individual who people think about when it comes to evangelism: Billy Graham.  I’m not talking about the famous wrestler “Superstar” Billy Graham.  I’m referring the famous Christian speaker who travelled all around the world growing the Kingdom of God.  Before he started his crusade, he had served as a college president at Northwestern College in Minneapolis and attended an annual conference for Christian colleges and met three different people: Chuck Templeton, Henrietta Mears, and J. Edwin Orr.  I will go more further about those individuals next time.  After he had attended this conference, he decided to begin a crusade to bring people to the Lord.  The day before the crusade started, He had partaken in an interview with Stuart Hamblin, whose was a well known West Coast radio personality, where Graham invited him to a gathering and Hamblin endorsed Graham’s mission.  Not only that, but Hamblin gave his life to the Lord that morning.  Because of this conversion, Graham took it as a sign from the Lord and continued his crusade.  


I want to challenge you to step out in faith but don’t step in the circle.  When we start doing this, we will begin to see what God is trying to reveal to us and what we need to do to stay in tuned or in lined with Him.  If Billy Graham had the confidence to go and share the word with other people all around the world, then we can have the confidence to share His word with others in our own backyard.  I recognize that it’s easier said than done, however, we need to remember that we are all servants for the Lord and it is our responsibility to equip the saints for the work of service (Ephesians 4:12).  Jesus said that the Son did not come to be served, but to serve (Mark 10:45).  Let’s serve for the Lord as the church.  


Heavenly Father, I pray for Your continuous strength and wisdom as we continue to do the things that You have called us to.  As we grow Your Kingdom, let us not be ashamed of it.  Instead, let us embrace it and let Your word shine before others so that the darkness will flee and Your light will shine through.  In Jesus name I pray, amen.  

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