God, His Word, and Babel 1-13-16

Genesis:  The Beginning  

God, His Word and Babel 1-13-16 

READ:  Genesis 10:1-11:9


Yesterday, we looked at the blessings and curses associated with Noah and his descendants following the flood. Today, we are going to read about the building up of nations through Noah’s descendants over generations, as well as their migration.  Scripture teaches the LORD God instructed Noah.  Restated, the LORD released His Word to Noah’s care for this new beginning.  In response, Noah did everything the LORD spoke to him.  This shared and connected Word—from God to and through Noah—brings Yahweh glory and Noah blessing.  (Please note the order—glorifying God by honoring His Word then receiving God’s blessing).   


Well, over a period of time people have a tendency to care less and less about the LORD God’s Word or instruction, reflecting His image, or releasing His glory.  Will humans really continue to compete for God’s glory?  Yep.  We will explore in Chapter 11 how one nation of people erect a structure to exalt and elevate themselves.  How will this take place?   By disconnecting from God’s true image, recreating a new image/identity for themselves and the world to praise, and by living for their pleasure and glory.  In other words, they desired wisdom apart from God’s Word.  Does that sound familiar to you?  Haven’t we read that before?


This evening I will share the entire teaching from Genesis 10:1-11:9.  Please make sure you read this passage for our study.  


As well, please take time to google a picture of a ziggurat; read about it’s purpose and design.  Notice how many levels.  The Tower of Babel was more than likely a ziggurat since the Babylonians commonly built them. 


Here are some questions for you to consider before our lesson tonight:


  1. How do you see the human ambition for greatness and the desire to draw attention to oneself?  Is it a good thing or bad thing?
  2. Yahweh created the earth to become His Kingdom with humans as His family.  The goal was to increase God’s Kingdom and family as humans populated the earth.  The Tower of Babel was erected and God said, “The people are united, and they all speak the same language.  After this, nothing they set out to do will be impossible for them!”  What comes to your mind as you consider the Word of the LORD–God’s reaction?
  3. What towers have you built in your life?  


I hope you will be able to attend the C2C Church Weds. Worship and Study time tonight at 7PM.  I will post the rest of the lesson following our study.  Blessing…


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