God, Jacob, and His Dream 1-27-16 Intro

Genesis:  The Beginning  

God, Jacob, and His Dream 1-27-16

READ:  Genesis 28


Yesterday, we read about Jacob’s deception and how he used it to get the blessing of Isaac.  This blessing determines the patriarchal succession; therefore, Isaac’s blessing links Jacob with the blessings of the Abrahamic covenant.  Today, we will read about Jacob and the dream he has from the LORD on his way to see Laban the brother of Jacob’s mother, Rebekah.


This evening I will be teaching and sharing on Chapter 28.  I will post the completed devotional following our Wednesday Worship time.  Please read the scriptural passage and consider the following questions in the meantime:


  1.  In our biblical readings over the past week, we have witnessed the struggle between those who are first in the covenant of blessing and those who are not (e.g. Isaac vs. Ishmael; Jacob vs. Esau).  This whole situation defies what is classic patriarchal hierarchy; the oldest son is always first in the blessing, but clearly not in our lessons.   What is God’s Word trying to reveal in this reversal?
  2. Esau realizes he has dishonored his parents by marrying Canaanite women, so he decides to marry one of Ishmael’s daughters.  What do you make of that? 
  3. Jacob has a dream on his way to Haran.  In the dream, Jacob sees a stairway connecting heaven and earth; angels are ascending and descending on this stairway.  How do you interpret the dream?
  4. Sure appears at first glance that Jacob tries to bargain with God; if God does this then I will do that type of thing.  He even mentions giving a tithe for God’s favor.  Wow!  Thoughts?

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