God’s timing

Yesterday was just one of those days.  One of my students had an episode, very violent, and many of the other students were afraid.  The student, we will call him “J” has had these outbursts for about a year, off and on.  I have the blessing of having him in my class this year.  I believe God intended that to happen.  “J” and I have been talking over his actions, and trying to come up with some ways to react to situations that are better. 

However, it will be a long process.  Yesterday was a step backward.  He did settle quickly, and we talked a while.  Just as we were finished. my son came to my classroom.  He had decided to come and see if any student needed any help, or if I needed help.  Well, that was God sending him.  Matt, my son, and “J” bonded immediately, and what could have been a tense afternoon turned into a gift from God.  Thank you, God, for sending me someone to help my student.