Jesus, the Interrupter Day 22

Jesus, the Interrupter

ReRead:   John 4:9-10

Saturday 3/14/15   Day 22

Ponder:  Jesus is a pro at answering a question by requesting an action that interrupts the human status quo. This surprised woman responds to Jesus’ request with a question.  His request makes her head spin; he is asking her to break the cultural rules and serve him. At this moment, the woman merely sees a Jewish man not the Messiah and Lover of her soul. I can just hear the calmness is the voice of Jesus saying, “Daughter, if you only knew who I Am and the riches of heaven at my command, then you would ask me to bring great and satisfying things into your life.” Why doesn’t Jesus just tell her who he is from the start?


Practice:  Life with Jesus involves mysterious and strange exchanges and statements.  Why?  Because it is Christ’s call to engage our faith because without faith it is impossible to please God.  Jesus wants us to desire more with God, so he interrupts and disrupts in order to stir a desire within us.  He wants us to choose to drink. 

Prayer:   Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Your ways are not my ways and Your thoughts are not my thoughts.  Help me to hear the deeper meaning of Your Word to my heart.  I invite You today to interrupt and disrupt my limited sight and understanding.  Please continue to make me clean and, help me grow spiritually. In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Mission: Jesus sometimes shakes up our lives and thinking so we will drink from His grace.  Be a steady Rock for someone who is standing on shifting sand.  If he or she does not know Jesus, help them to see it is really Jesus for whom their souls are searching.

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