Jesus, the Interrupter Day 24

Jesus, The Interrupter 

ReRead:  John 4:16-18

Tuesday 3/17/15   Day 24  

Ponder:  The woman at the well found that Jesus interrupted her ideas of what constituted her worth and value.  It was not her husband who made her valuable; it was not the five husbands she had or the man she was living with at the time who made her valuable. None of them were able to communicate her value to her. Jesus came to the well to interrupt her life and to help her see how much she was loved for who she was to God; to see herself anew.  Do you need to know you are valuable to God not because of what you do or don’t do, who you know or don’t know,  but just because you are His lovely and treasured creation?


Practice: Many times we enter a day with expectations for people to make us feel important. Only Jesus can actually accomplish the task and leave us satisfied with our worth and value. It would be nice if the people in our lives always told us how important we are to them; it would also be an unrealistic expectation. If we take our eyes off from the temporal world and cast our gaze on the eternal realm, Jesus will find a way to meet us in the dry places and bring the Truth to the desires of our souls.  

Prayer: Lord, like this woman in my lesson, occasionally I am disatisfied with what the world offers.  Help me to keep You in the center of my life so I may see a bigger picture that lends value and meaning to my life.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Mission:   We need Christ’s reassurance and others need it too. Christ in you can be the instrument who reminds others how valuable they are to God. Please tell someone the Truth, today.

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