Jesus, the Interrupter Day 25

Jesus, the Interrupter

ReRead:  John 4:19-23

Wednesday 3/18/15   Day 25  

Ponder:  This woman recognizes her encounter at the well is with a prophet; this man seems to speak on behalf of God.  Interestingly, this woman seems to focus on what has religiously divided the Jews and the Samaritans rather than focus on Who or what connects them.  Notice here that Jesus does not enter the religious debate.  Instead, Jesus draws attention to what God desires and requires: those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in Truth.  What is spirit and Truth?  


Practice:  Humanity is broken and messed up; God is whole and powerful.  That’s Truth.  The people who worship in spirit and in Truth know God created their spirit and, because of sin’s brokenness, their minds, wills, and emotions need ongoing healing from the whole life-giving God.  If you think you have life all together and you are in no need for ongoing healing and restoration, you have yet to face Truth.  Life with Jesus brings humans the necessary wholeness with God.

Prayer: Father, I am a unique and treasured creation.  Thank you for providing Truth.  Teach me each day about the areas in my life that need further attention and help me to surrender them to you for your ongoing healing. In Jesus’ name.  Amen. 

Mission: When you  speak to people about your faith, remember to take a humble posture. Remind them every human being needs God’s restorative work each day.  Everyone needs the wholeness God brings.

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