What Do You Want? 2-13-16

Quest for Hope

What Do You Want? 2-13-16

John 1:35-42


Yesterday, we revisited why John called Jesus the Lamb of God. In our passage this morning, John the Baptist—the one calling for humanity to turn back to God—is walking with two of his disciples and they leave him to follow Jesus.  One of the disciples is Andrew.  He leaves to get his brother, Simon, and announces to him, “We’ve found him!  We have found the Christ!”  Andrew and Simon catch up to Jesus and both begin to follow him; something within them is excited because their Teacher of Truth has arrived.  When Jesus realizes he is being followed; he turns to these men and says, “What do you want?  


I’m sure the disciples are thinking the Lamb of God—the Christ—might say something very different, but it makes sense that Jesus would say such a thing.  He came for a purpose and his question sets the foundation for their relationship, “What do you want?”  In other words, “What are you looking for in me?”  Jesus came to be the bridge between selfish humanity and a holy and pure-loving God; the sin that entered the world through Adam and Eve has left all of humanity’s image marred, messed up, and in need of a Savior.  Jesus wants to know if these men are interested in following him on a journey to discover and apply the love and grace he is making available to them; a grace that will restore their relationship with God and their image as His representatives in the world.


Let’s stop for just a minute and quickly run back to our study of Genesis 3.  After God creates all of creation, He comes to the garden with the purpose of enjoying fellowship with the bearers of His image—Adam and Eve—but he does not find them in the Light of His glory. They are hiding in the darkness from God because they are filled with fear and shame. God calls out a very simple question across creation as He searches for His image-bearers, “Where are you?”  Humanity has experienced a disconnect; a consequence of demanding our own selfish way.  Just as the Lord of Creation invites Adam and Eve to come out from hiding, Jesus calls to his two followers and invites them to come closer, so they can authentically experience God.  Jesus calls to every lost heart, “Where are you?” and when we recognize our Teacher he asks, “What do you want?” May our answer be, “Jesus, I want to connect with You; teach me who I AM.”


Prayer:  Heavenly Father, I realize because of sin I have lost a true vision of who You made me to be.  Thank you, Jesus, for helping me discover the truth.  Holy Spirit, please keep me aware of each lesson You bring that helps me to see more clearly, so I can follow and enjoy greater fellowship in the divine presence.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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