Be An Interrupter Day 29

Be An Interrupter

ReRead: John 12:7-8

Monday 3/23/15   Day 29

Ponder: Mary’s extravagant exaltation and worship of Jesus caused such an interruption it made human flesh scramble to feel equal with God. Judas, nudged by Satan, diverts the attention off from Jesus and onto humanity. The holiness and omnipotence of God is minimizing to sinful human flesh, and we don’t like how it makes us feel, do we?


Practice: Jesus knows the sincerity of every heart. He turns to Judas and says, “Leave her alone!” Jesus protects Mary’s decision to worship him.  He is not saying he doesn’t care about giving to the poor; he came to bring good news to the poor.  In this moment, it is Mary’s time to worship the Son of God.  Mission flows out of authentic worship. Worship is identifying God’s sovereign love for us. Mission is our response to God’s love by finding ways to release that love  to others.

Prayer:  Father, help me to make my focus worship knowing mission will be my next move. In Jesus’ name.  Amen. 

Mission:  As you worship, invite God to reveal his mission for you from that encounter.

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