Be An Interrupter Day 30

Be An Interrupter

ReRead:  John 12:9-11

Tuesday 3/24/15   Day 30  

Ponder:  Influencial people are interrupters.  They cause a “stir” people notice.  Raising Lazarus brought influence to not only Jesus but also Lazarus.  Lazarus cannot keep his mouth shut; he has to tell others about what Jesus did for him.  He has to tell others Jesus is his Messiah…THE MESSIAH.  Lazarus was dead, and now he is alive.  Humanity, apart from the work of Messiah, is dead in sin.  We need a resurrection to be spiritually alive to God; believe in the work that Jesus did to make us right with God.  If Messiah has raised you out of spiritual death into eternal life, like Lazarus are you able to keep your mouth shut?  


Practice: If we are determined to be interrupters for the Good News of Jesus Christ, we have to accept the reality we will encounter opposition. Please note with great blessing comes great opposition.  The enemy wants to silence your influence as an interrupter. Being a Christ follower requires commitment and courage.

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, the most important thing in life is to ascribe worth and value to Your presence within me.  Help me to draw attention to You by being a positive and loving image for others.  Cause me to be courageous in my quest to share Messiah, in spite of the opposition. In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Mission:   As an interrupter, Lazarus put his life on the line by telling others about his experience with The Life and the Resurrection.  Let us be courageous interrupters, too, who tell others how much Jesus has done in our lives.

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