Daily Devotional from Corbi Bottichio 09-11-23

0From September 4th through September 14th several Connect2Christ Church Family members will be leading our devotional time. This will allow us an opportunity to learn more about our brother’s and sister’s hearts for Christ through each of their devotions.

My Name Is: Corbi Bottichio

I have been a member of C2C Church from the very beginning and a member of the Praise Team even before that.

My Spiritual Gifts Are: Craftmanship, Exhortation, Music/Worship

I have been Blessed my entire life. God has touched me in so many ways.

I guess you could call me a creature of habit. I have longevity in almost every area of my life. My first job at 17 was with Winn Dixie. I was there for 29 years. I really thought this was going to be the only job I would ever have. Boy was I wrong.

There was an opening at my church for the job of Church Secretary. For some reason this sparked my interest. I don’t know why; this was so far away from what I had always done.

I was working on some things at church, and I asked my friend if she felt that I would be a good fit for the job of Church Secretary, especially with no experience. She said, “absolutely and encouraged me to get a resume together. I had never had to do a resume, so that was scary because I had one job my whole life thus far.

I wrote the resume and brought it back to my friend. She saw my hesitation and offered to turn it in for me. She did and I was called for an interview before the Staff Parrish committee. It was the strangest thing. A sense of peace came over me when I stepped into the room of about 10 people. I felt so comfortable and relaxed. They fired questions at me left and right and most things they were looking for I had no experience with. It was kind of comical. In fact, I finally had to stop them to remind them that I was not an Executive Secretary. I had no training, but I could learn. I did not take dictation, but I was good with people. Probably the most important thing I said to them was that I was there because I felt that the Lord was leading me to do this. Which was the truth.

They told me that they would get back with me in a few days. They had others to interview. I was good with that and left feeling good and that there was NO chance in the world they would hire me.

WELL…It didn’t take days for them to get back with me, They got back to me an hour later and I was offered the job. I accepted it and to this day it was the best job I had ever had. Not only was I able to use all of my gifts and talents, but I never felt that this was a job but a Ministry. I was covered and Blessed the whole 6 years I was there.

As far as the Secretarial part of the job was concerned, well, I never learned shorthand and I adapted to what needed to be done to the skills that the Lord had given me before the job was even posted. Was I nervous and afraid? The answer is YES. I went through, a period, wondering if I had made the right decision BUT JESUS never left my side and when I didn’t know something the answers were provided. I guess you can say “I DID IT HIS WAY”. It was a beautiful experience I will treasure FOREVER. To this day I miss the time He gave me there. BUT GOD is faithful and has given me many different things to do since. I know that there is much more ahead. I have learned that when God lays something on your heart to do, you do it and then the blessings will flow.

My Life Verse Is:
Philippians 4:13
“For I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength.”

I Challenge You: to listen to what the Holy Spirit is laying on your heart, even if it seems impossible in the flesh. Remember, all things are possible through God. If you listen, Jesus will not only open doors for you, but He will lead you on a journey that will be so amazing. Trust in Him. Follow Him and believe that His ways are perfect. Listen and react. He has a plan for your life. You will never, ever regret following Jesus. He will equip you with everything you need.

Oh… one more thing: The person I gave my resume to and who encouraged me to step out was none other than Pastor Mary. She was and is my friend and Sister in Christ and NOW my Spiritual Leader. I will never forget that day.

Prayer: Jesus, You said in Jeremiah 29:11: You have made plans for us. Plans to give us a hope and a future. Help us to listen to the Holy Spirit speaking to us, directing us. Give us the strength to get out of the boat, walk with You in the rough waters and BELIEVE. You give us everything we need, when we need it, You equip us. Help us to remember each day that “There is nothing that will happen that You and I can’t handle together.” You are an AMAZING GOD. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.

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