Daily Devotional from Lauren Chouinard 09-08-23

From September 4th through September 14th several Connect2Christ Church Family members will be leading our devotional time. This will allow us an opportunity to learn more about our brother’s and sister’s hearts for Christ through each of their devotions.

My Name Is: Lauren Marie Chouinard

Why Did I Join C2C Church: my family was searching for a new church. I knew about C2C Church because I helped my mom for seven years at their church Markets. Everybody seemed so sweet and loving! They prayed over my mom while my dad was in hospital for 32 days! So, we tried a church service one time as a family, and we loved it so much! I feel loved by everyone! I love pastor Mary. Coming to C2C Church was the best decision I ever made! I love my C2C Church family very much; I love it as my second home! It’s where I belong!

My Spiritual Gift: is that I have a heart of gold! I love so big, and I am so caring! I’m told that I brighten everyone’s day when I walk into the room! I love everyone! I know and remember everyone’s name. I love praying with people and I feel so loved by God! I feel so compassionate towards people!

Here is My Testimony of How God Has & Continues to Touch My Life: I do have to say without God I wouldn’t be here because I had a tough life when I was a baby. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t talk, and I was so sick, but God healed me. God has done amazing things in my life! He has always been there for me. I know He has more amazing stuff for my life. I’m so blessed He brought me in to C2C Church because I was able to share my testimony at church and I loved it! He blessed me with a beautiful job at Seminole DQ where I have worked for 11 years. I love Jesus and I’m excited for all of the stuff he will do in my life!

Scripture Passages That Have Spoken Over My Life: (Acts 27) I love the apostle Paul when he talks about going through a storm! I love that one because it’s so good! God is always there to comfort me when I’m in a storm. I always love that! God allows storms in our life because He knows we can handle it. I also love the one about love is patient and kind it doesn’t not boast, or envy and it is not self-seeking! Love never fails! (1 Corinthians 13:4-7)

I Challenge You: to never ever give up! I recommend you raise the bar very high because I know you can do it because you can do absolutely everything! I can do all things through Christ Who strengthen me (Philippians 4:13)! Love God and love your family! Give some hugs to everyone! Tell someone you love and appreciate them! Spend time with your loved ones because you don’t know when their time is up! Give them love and hugs! Don’t listen to other people if they say you can’t do something you tell them you can do it! Prove them wrong! Don’t let the devil win because Jesus wins! You can do it! Because Jesus is your way maker! He is working in your life even when you don’t see it He is working!

Prayer: In Jesus; Name I want to Thank You, Jesus, for my wonderful family and my beautiful house and my church and my friends! Thank You, God, for always being there for me. Thank You, Jesus, for everything! You’re amazing God! I love You, Jesus! Thank You for making me Your daughter, a daughter of the One True King! I love You, Jesus! Thank You for keeping me safe! Thank You for loving me and caring for me! Everything I say or do I want it to all point to You! All God’s people say, amen!

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