Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 10-11-16

Daily Reading 10-11-16

2 Kings 5:19-27Contemporary English Version (CEV)


Sometimes it seems that for humans one lie can lead to another.  One act of deception can lead to another, because we try to hide the lie.  Being dishonest is a snowball effect and never worth it.  Tell the truth no matter how difficult it may seem.


Our lesson today continues from yesterday’s passage regarding Naaman (the man who was cleansed and healed of leprosy) and Elisha (the prophet of God who was an instrument of God’s healing).  Today, we will add to the mixture of characters Elisha’s servant, Gahazi.  Through a series of greedy choices, Gahazi brought disaster on himself and his family for generations.  


2 Kings 5:19-27Contemporary English Version (CEV)

19 “Go on home, and don’t worry about that,” Elisha replied. Then Naaman left.


Elisha Places a Curse on Gehazi

After Naaman had gone only a short distance, 20 Gehazi said to himself, “Elisha let that Syrian off too easy. He should have taken Naaman’s gift. I swear by the living Lord that I will talk to Naaman myself and get something from him.” 21 So he hurried after Naaman.


When Naaman saw Gehazi running after him, he got out of his chariot to meet him. Naaman asked, “Is everything all right?”


22 “Yes,” Gehazi answered. “But my master has sent me to tell you about two young prophets from the hills of Ephraim. They came asking for help, and now Elisha wants to know if you would give them about seventy-five pounds of silver and some new clothes?”


23 “Sure,” Naaman replied. “But why don’t you take twice that amount of silver?” He convinced Gehazi to take it all, then put the silver in two bags. He handed the bags and the clothes to his two servants, and they carried them for Gehazi.


24 When they reached the hill where Gehazi lived, he took the bags from the servants and placed them in his house, then sent the men away. After they had gone, 25 Gehazi went in and stood in front of Elisha, who asked, “Gehazi, where have you been?”

“Nowhere, sir,” Gehazi answered.


26 Elisha asked, “Don’t you know that my spirit was there when Naaman got out of his chariot to talk with you? Gehazi, you have no right to accept money or clothes, olive orchards or vineyards, sheep or cattle, or servants. 27 Because of what you’ve done, Naaman’s leprosy[a] will now be on you and your descendants forever!”

Suddenly, Gehazi’s skin became white with leprosy, and he left.


Prayer:  Lord, you are teaching all of us the value of speaking Truth.  Help me to recognize Truth and then get into agreement with what you desire to do in and through me.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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