Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 4-25-16

Daily Reading:  4-25-16

Psalm 133  New Living Translation (NLT)


Do you enjoy harmony in your relationships?  My father used to say, “I like peace in the valley!”  In other words, Dad loved it when everyone was together and could stay in a place of unity within the family.  It was work, but it was possible.


David enjoyed and wanted to achieve “peace in the valley” or unity with his fellow pilgrims as they all ascended to Jerusalem.  He wrote a song about it to keep them all focused on their purpose—working together with God and one another.


Psalm 133

How wonderful and pleasant it is

    when brothers live together in harmony!

For harmony is as precious as the anointing oil

    that was poured over Aaron’s head,

    that ran down his beard

    and onto the border of his robe.

Harmony is as refreshing as the dew from Mount Hermon

    that falls on the mountains of Zion.

And there the Lord has pronounced his blessing,

    even life everlasting.



Protecting harmony does not mean everyone agrees with everything!  That is not harmony and is truly unrealistic.  Rather, harmony means everyone is focused on the most important issue that honors God’s love in a moment so we can dwell in peace.  We have to make a conscious choice to stay focused on what is important to God, because there will always be distracting “stuff.”


This past weekend we celebrated the marriage of our youngest son, Jimmy, to his beautiful bride, Whitney.  We experienced harmony, because everyone was there to honor God, as well as the bride and groom—the most important love issue in that moment. It was not about anything or anyone else; only God and this sweet couple before Him asking for His blessing.   It was a glorious time in the presence of God.  Love filled our hearts and the church.  It was tangible.  It was another great lesson highlighting the value of staying focused on what is important to God—Loving one another.


Prayer:  Father, thank You for David’s song about harmony.  It truly is wonderful and pleasant, because You abide in love’s harmony.  Help me to stay focused on the most important love issues that come my way, today.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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