Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 6-17-21

Acts 20:7-12
7-9 We met on Sunday to worship and celebrate the Master’s Supper. Paul addressed the congregation. Our plan was to leave first thing in the morning, but Paul talked on, way past midnight. We were meeting in a well-lighted upper room. A young man named Eutychus was sitting in an open window. As Paul went on and on, Eutychus (translates fortunate or lucky) fell sound asleep and toppled out the third-story window. When they picked him up, he was dead (lifeless).

10-12 Paul went down, stretched himself on him, and hugged him hard. “No more crying,” he said. “There’s life in him yet.” Then Paul got up and served the Master’s Supper. And went on telling stories of the faith until dawn! On that note, they left—Paul going one way, the congregation another, leading the boy off alive, and full of life themselves.

Every preacher and teacher will occasionally experience a “sleeper.” Someone’s head will tilt forward and nod as they drift off for a short snooze. In our passage today, Paul has been preaching for hours and hours; he shares about faith and the power of God. Paul is interrupted by an accident involving a young boy named Eutychus (aka Lucky). Fortunately, God resurrects and restores this young man and Paul uses the event to teach more faith lessons to his congregation.

There is a spiritual truth here in our passage about Eutychus. We may knowingly sit close to the edge of evil or danger thinking nothing will ever happen to us. However, our apathy for our own spiritual growth can cause us to become drowsy. Before we know it, we can find ourselves falling into sin and dead living. God is wonderfully faithful, but we need to guard our hearts against such apathy.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for restoring and energizing my spiritual life time and time, again. You are so faithful! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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