Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 6-18-21

Psalm 9:1-2 (TPT) Delighting in God [psalm of David]

I will worship you, Yahweh, with extended hands
    as my whole heart erupts with praise! [Hebrew: yadah]
    I will tell everyone everywhere about your wonderful works!

I will be glad and shout in triumph.
    I will sing praise to your exalted name, O Most High.

In our passage, today, David has decided to praise his way into spiritual victory. God has spilled a freshness within David’s heart and he bursts into ecstatic praise. He cannot be silent about the goodness of Yahweh. To worship in this level of praise is like throwing a shout toward heaven; like an arrow shooting toward the heavenlies. To worship with this level of praise is to break strongholds and anything that would try to hold one back from a place of intimate oneness [worship] with the Lord.

Scripture teaches what will one day happen to the wicked; those who reject God and his ways. They will “fall” into the darkness of death, because of the absence of their worship. The lives of believers share a purpose to “rise up” in worship and shed light over that wicked and worldly darkness. This way of living reveals a great contrast between people. When we really understand the goodness of God deep in our souls, we will throw shouts toward heaven and break every stronghold that tries to hinder us. Nothing will be able to silence us or hold back our worship of Yahweh. Tell others about the goodness and wonderful works of the Lord, today; erupt with praise and live as a worshiper!

Prayer: Lord, I delight myself in you. I praise you for all the wonderful things you bring into my life. As my soul erupts with praise, every enemy has to flee. Thank you for always being with me and making me strong when I need it the most. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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