Daily Devotional from Pastor Mary 8-18-16

Daily Reading:  8-18-16

Hebrews 12:3-11 Contemporary English Version (CEV)


Suffering is the training ground for spiritual maturity. God uses it because it develops our patience and endurance.  It is never fun being corrected by God, but it is necessary because He loves us and wants us to be able to share in His holiness.  God is trying to teach us about Himself and we must decide if we are going to receive that discipline with gratitude.  


In our Scripture passage, today, the Apostle Paul is extending this same wisdom in his letter to the Hebrews.  He reminds God’s people, it is because of God’s great love that he corrects anyone.  If they are not being corrected, it is not a good sign.


Hebrews 12:3-11

3 So keep your mind on Jesus, who put up with many insults from sinners. Then you won’t get discouraged and give up.


4 None of you have yet been hurt in your battle against sin. 5 But you have forgotten that the Scriptures say to God’s children,

“When the Lord punishes you,

    don’t make light of it,

and when he corrects you,

    don’t be discouraged.

The Lord corrects the people

    he loves

and disciplines those

    he calls his own.”


7 Be patient when you are being corrected! This is how God treats his children. Don’t all parents correct their children? 8 God corrects all of his children, and if he doesn’t correct you, then you don’t really belong to him. 9 Our earthly fathers correct us, and we still respect them. Isn’t it even better to be given true life by letting our spiritual Father correct us?


10 Our human fathers correct us for a short time, and they do it as they think best. But God corrects us for our own good, because he wants us to be holy, as he is. 11 It is never fun to be corrected. In fact, at the time it is always painful. But if we learn to obey by being corrected, we will do right and live at peace.


Prayer:  Father, I want to keep focused on Jesus and remember you correct those you love.  My earthly father corrected me many times; I am grateful for the things he taught me.  You have corrected me many times; I am grateful for your ongoing spiritual guidance and wisdom.  Thank you for loving me so much!  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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