Difficult People: The Downer

God is the Creator and he has made many kinds of people; many different personality types.  Some people can be a challenge when it comes to making relational connections.  These challenges can be good as they cause us to work toward unity.  God calls us to be One in Christ Jesus.  Well, that certainly will take some work!  Because we are more powerful together than in isolation, we need to press through the difficulties to find a way to “connect” with one another.  Today’s difficult personality is a drag to the emotions: The Downer.

No matter how full the glass seems to you, The Downer will not be able to see it.  This person struggles to entertain a positive thought; negativity is the benchmark.  Life’s challenges have robbed his/her ability to grab hold of the greater Hope. Sadly, although this person might have great potential to be a leader, no one will allow him/her to lead because they would drag everyone around them down.

Possible Coping Strategies:  Extend compassion and seek to paint a new picture of life for The Downer.  But for the grace of God, the Lifter of our heads, we could all wind up living life as The Downer. Can you testify that life can rob you if you allow it?  It is only when we set our focus on things above that we have Hope; live for eternity.  If you and I only looked at our circumstances, we would be BLUE…too.  Honesty is really important when dealing with The Downer; he/she may not realize how negative they sound.  It has become a lifestyle; a comfort zone.  Put on the love of Christ, call forth a heart of compassion, and tell those who tend to be negative how that spirit affects you; tell the Truth. Don’t cater to the negativity; confront it.  God just might be calling you to be a positive mouthpiece that brings discipline to another of His children.  Will you be God’s mouthpiece to lift The Downer?

“No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening-it’s painful!  But afterward there will be a peaceful harvest of right living for those who are trained in this way.” Hebrews 12:11.