A Powerful Inner Circle

We have been discussing how to “connect” with difficult personalities; people who are a challenge to love.  God’s grace is always available to give us the strength to be loving to others.  Now, whether we respond and receive that grace is another thing, isn’t it?  As important as it is to learn how to positively influence and minister to everyone around us, it is essential that we pay attention to the people we invite into our relational inner circle of connection because they will influence us.

A challenge for you today:  Do you bring people into your inner circle who have positive and rich life experience?  These folks have been down the road a piece and contain great wisdom and tools for your life.  Set yourself up to learn and gain essential understanding from them; invite them in and connect.  Tap into Christ in others and you will find a great treasure.  “In him lie hid all the treasure of wisdom and knowledge.”