God and His Created Earth 1-6-16

Now that you have read Genesis 1:1-2:3, let’s break down some important words in each verse.

Genesis 1:1-2

v.1 “In the Beginning” refers to the beginning of when God created; not to the beginning of eternity.

v.1 “God” (Elohim—Creator and Judge is plural—supreme power) has existed in eternity.  

v.1 “Created” God—created the universe out of ex nihilo (out of nothing).

v.1 “Heavens and earth” refers to the entire cosmos.

v.2 “Formless” or “empty” refers to substance in the creation process.  God created matter that was otherwise without order/chaos.

v.2 “darkness covered the waters” darkness existed.

v.2 “Spirit of God”  refers to the Holy Spirit; Breath of God.


Genesis 1:3-31

v.3  “Then God said” refers to creative time of bringing order and the way God chose to create…He spoke and it manifest.

v.3 “Light” evidently existed prior to the creation of the sun (day 4).  Scripture teaches God is the source of light but it appears he made a temporary light at this time.

v.4 “God made space between or separated” the light/darkness; waters below and above the sky; land/sea.  In this separation, God gives form to creation and fills it so it is no longer formless or empty.   

v.5 “Day..Night”  God created time by determining what a day would be. Ends Day 1.


v.6 “Space” or sky

v.7 “Waters that were under the sky; oceans

v.7 “Waters that were above the sky; water vapor or atmosphere that cultivates growth.

v.8 Ends Day 2.


vv.9-10 “Waters flows…making dry land” in other words making it ideal for land life.

v.10 “God called” whomever calls or names something has authority over it according to history.

vv.11-12 “According to its kind” God created different kinds of vegetation, plants, fruit trees, which produced after it’s kind; boundaries.  An orange cannot produce an almond.

v.13 Ends Day 3.


v.14 “Let Lights appear” stars, planets, moons, solar systems and galaxies; rotation of the earth.

v.15 “Let Lights Shine down on the earth” God gave direction to all illumination sources.

v.16 “Two Great Lights” refers to the sun and moon that appears to replace the temporary light mentioned in verse 3.

vv.17-18 “God set them to govern and separate” sun/day and moon/night. In pagan religions they worshipped these celestial bodies as gods.  Here we see the sun/moon serve Elohim’s (Creator/Judge) purpose. 

v.19 Ends Day 4.


v.20 “Let Waters swarm” sm/lg sea creatures, swimming beasts (Job).

v.21 “Producing Offspring of the same kind” God set a boundary for DNA in water creatures (a seahorse cannot reproduce and create a grouper).

v.22 “God blessed them; Be fruitful and multiply” fish and birds inhabit this good environment.

v.23 Ends Day 5.


v.24 “Let earth produce living animals” God creates animals to inhabit the land. 

v.25 “Producing Offspring of the same kind” God set a boundary for DNA of land animals (a squirrel cannot reproduce and create a cow—no holy cow).  God desired different kinds.

v.26 “Let us make human beings in our image; to be like us.” Remember Elohim is plural.

v.26 “Reign over” God created human beings in His image to reign over the earth and subdue it.  In early biblical times, a conquering king would make an image of himself (think of Nebuchadnezzar)  and leave it to represent his authority over that land.  God did a similar thing in leaving His human representatives. 

v.27 “Human beings” includes both males/females made in God’s image.

v.28 “Be fruitful and multiply” Humans are to multiply like the sea and land creation with the purpose of filling the earth and representing God in it.  Humans have boundaries for DNA, too.  

v.29 “Seed-bearing plants/fruit trees for food” Humans started out as vegetarians.  (this changed after the flood)

v.31 “It was very good” God was happy with His entire creation—He finished creation leaving it fertile and productive for His vision to create a dwelling place for His sons and daughters.

v. 31 Ends Day 6.


Genesis 2:1-3 

v.1 “Completed” heaven and earth was ready to continue God’s vision.

v.2 “God Rested” God stopped from His activity; everything was done and ready for creation to move forward.

v.3 “Blessed the 7th day” God declared the day holy because He rested.


We live in the 7th day in Christ! We can know God and enjoy His creation. We can love others and spiritually abide in the order of God even though we actually live in a world of disorder/chaos. The beauty of God’s creation can be found and seen as He opens our spiritual eyes.  You are created in the image of God.  Does knowing that make a difference in how you live a day?



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