God Created People 1-7-16

Genesis:  The Beginning  

God Created People

READ:  Genesis 2:4-25


Yesterday, we focused our attention on God’s creation of His Earth; on the sixth day people were a part of that creation.  Today, we will read an expanded explanation of God’s creation of human beings—it is like bringing a magnifying glass to small print so we can understand more—as God creates Adam and Eve.   The phrase that helps us understand this is an expanded explanation is the phrase, “When the Lord…”

Remember, on the third day God provided seed that needed to be cultivated; but the LORD God (Yahweh—the Eternal One) had not sent the rain only provided an underground irrigation process.   A man (in Hebrew adam) was formed (this is translated as a work of art) from the ground (in Hebrew adama) to “work” right from the beginning.  Then, when Yahweh had the shell of man just the way He wanted, He breathed the breath of life (the Spirit) into man.  At this point, animals and man have the breath of the Spirit in them causing each one to be alive.  Life comes from God’s Spirit.


Yahweh planted a garden (believed in modern day Iraq—biblical Mesopotamia); within the garden he placed a Tree of Life that would provide man (adam) the substance (when eaten) to sustain eternal life.  Yahweh provided eternal life—a way to enjoy fellowship with Him. (Side note:  this Tree is noted to be in the New Jerusalem in Revelation 22:2 so it is significant to understand the importance).   At this time, Yahweh also placed a Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the garden. It appears evil existed outside the parameters of the garden, but not within at this point. Adam would be within a sort of protected environment where he was provided everything he needed to enjoy eternal life with the Creator. Yahweh instructs the man to cultivate, guard, and eat from the garden, but issues a warning that he is not to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil or it will bring about the sacrifice of the blessings of eternal life provided in the Tree of Life (beginning of choice—adam may eat from either tree but not both).  Basically, Yahweh placed a tree in the garden and then forbid man to eat from it; Yahweh warned man that eating from the forbidden tree would cause spiritual death followed by subsequent physical death.  Yahweh was offering man a choice to “obey” His word/instruction and live in His eternal care.  


Yahweh is social and man made in His image is social; Yahweh noted “it is not good for man to be alone;” he needs a helper/partner that would perfectly “fit” him—bring oneness in the goal to honor Yahweh (v.18).  Yahweh forms all kinds of wild animals and birds then brings them to the man to see what he would call them, but none of these were suitable as a helper/partner.  So Yahweh cause man to fall into a deep sleep while He did surgery on his side—Yahweh removed a rib from man and used it to create woman.  Man and woman would fit—united as one flesh—perfect for supporting one another.  When man awoke, Yahweh brought him the helper who would bring oneness; Yahweh presented woman to man.  The creative work of Yahweh was not finished until woman was created to fill the man’s deficiency.   Side by side they would have the opportunity to love and serve God’s vision, love one another, and love and care for all creation eternally.  


Tomorrow, we will see how our newly formed couple does with the beginning of choice…


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