Grateful Hearts: Truth

Everyone would like to think he or she have a corner on truth, but that is only possible when we connect with Jesus because truth is a person.  The way we gain truth is through a personal and loving relationship with Christ, as well as in community with others who have a connection to Christ.  Truth is revealed and shared in the love of Christ.  Do you know the truth?  Do you know someone whose life testifies to the truth?  People who know the truth are great examples of love.

We all bring a biased filter to our thinking, so it is difficult to remain free in our perception of the truth.  That is why it is so important to spend time in the Scriptures, because it helps us remove that biased filter to find the loving reality of God.  Remember the Word of God is alive; living and revealing truth.  I want you to really think for a minute about the people around you.  Does someone come to mind who models “selfless” love? These folks are not perfect by any stretch–we all need grace–but, the motive of these folks is to apply the Word to every day life and give the love of God to others.  Truth is love that is “other” focused. Christ came to connect and save others not himself.  Take time, today, to thank the people around you who seek to live in the truth of God’s love.  He or she are role models of the truth and, therefore, treasures in your life.  Pick up the phone, drop them an email, or send them a note and tell them how grateful you are for the truth he or she models for you.

Anne Graham Lotz said it this way, “Only Jesus Christ is the truth for everyone who has ever been born into the human race, regardless of culture, age, nationality, generation, heritage, gender, color, or language.”  Truth–Jesus–is love that is universal.  Live and proclaim the truth of God’s love in Christ!