Interruptions are Messy Day 13

Interruptions are Messy

ReRead:  Mark 2:3-4

Wednesday 3/4/15   Day 13  

Ponder:  Four friends are making a plan for this paralyzed man to have an audience with Jesus.  They go to extremes to intercede for him. There are no doorbells or cell phones to gain attention.  Yelling over the crowd would not be an option. The doorway is blocked, so obviously with all the hindrances in place someone suggests they dig a hole through the roof and lower the man down beside Jesus. Seriously? It’s messy! God pays attention to this faith; it’s extraordinary and driven.  Note, it is not the faith of the paralytic that moves God’s compassion, it is the faith of this man’s friends who are determined that hearing the words “no room near Jesus” is not acceptable.  


Practice:  This is a lesson for our faith.  We must press through every hindrance and find ourselves low before Jesus the King of  Kings who is the rightful Lord of human hearts. I have met people who have been given serious and even life-threatening “issues” and they are relentless about getting with Jesus.  Praying with people who are dealing with tremendous difficulties is getting them in the presence of Jesus; it is “lowering them” before the Lord.

Prayer:  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, help me to be bold and even radical in my faith and prayers on behalf of others.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Mission:  Use your faith and pray boldly for someone who needs a touch from Jesus. Get messy with your faith.  Stay in that prayer and persist, then invite God to show you how he is moving on your faith on behalf of someone you love.

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