Interruptions are Messy Day 16

Interruptions are Messy

ReRead:   Mark 2:5-9 (again)

Saturday 3/7/15   Day 16

Ponder:  Have you ever questioned why bad things happen to some people?  Maybe they suffer a tragic accident, suffer extreme injustice, lose a child or mate at a young age? During Jesus’ ministry, some people had the mindset that all bad things happened because of sin in a person’s life.   We live in a fallen and sinful world, and pain is simply a part of living here.


Practice:  Jesus cares about people; about the whole person. Let’s continue. He cares about the state of our physical bodies and the state of our hearts because of sin in the world. We cannot change the affects of sin; we can choose not to participate with sin (sin is living contrary to God’s love). Notice Jesus heals not only this man’s legs, but his heart, as well.  Some pain is visible and some pain is not.  Be careful not to judge what you can’t see and certainly do not know.

Prayer:  My Father, help me to be sensitive to the pain in others that is visible and invisible.  Your Word teaches we have all sinned and fallen short of Your glory (Romans 3:23). My life is messy. Keep my heart clean before you, and my attitude kind and compassionate. Help me to extend Your love to those who find themselves in need of an understanding heart.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

I When you feel like being judgmental of someone, put yourself in that person’s ‘shoes.’ How would you be feeling?  What kind of person would you be needing if you were in pain? Once you answer those questions, go and be that person to someone  who is suffering from the pain of a sinful world.

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