Interruptions are Messy Day 17

Interruptions are Messy

Monday 3/9/15   Day 17

ReRead: Mark 2:10-11

Ponder: Jesus, Son of God, refers to himself as the Son of Man in this passage.  In other words, Jesus wants us to understand he is fully human and fully divine.  Jesus is able to connect with our humanness and understand our deepest needs.  He can relate to our suffering to make us overcomers against sin in the world. Are you an overcomer?


Practice:  Jesus not only wants some people to know who he is, he wants you to know that he understands your heart and is ready to forgive your sin.  We have all sinned and fallen short of God’s desire for our lives. Jesus understands our weaknesses, and He desires to bring divine strength for our journey in life.

Prayer: Jesus, no one has ever cared for me like you.  Thank you for loving me, forgiving me, and helping me to become like you.  It’s a journey Jesus, but I am determined to follow your Spirit.  I will take up my mat in life and be your disciple. In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Mission:  Today, tell someone else how grateful you are for God’s forgiveness!”


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