King of the Jews Day 35

King of the Jews

Read: John 19:16-22

Monday 3/30/15   Day 35

Ponder: Pilate plays the political game and hands Jesus over to be crucified.  Jesus carries his cross to The Place of the Skull (Golgotha).  He is crucified between two thieves.  Jesus’ followers are filled with sorrow.  They know he is Messiah; he is the eternal Savior sent from God.  How could this happen?


Practice: Scripture teaches Jesus laid his life down so we might know life with God.  He is the Man of Sorrows who understands physical and emotional pain and suffering.  Jesus offers to carry us through our own disappointments, sorrows, grief, and sufferings.  We will face events that shake and even crush us.  If we know Jesus, we must remember he is not absent; his enduring love will sustain us through the interruption.

Prayer:   Father, every life can be interrupted by grief, pain, and loss.  Help us to remember Christ’s sacrifice for us.  Be our strength to press through the times of suffering and pain.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen. 

Mission:  Remind someone who needs encouragement of Truth; Christ understands.

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