Jesus Enters the City Day 34

Jesus Enters the City

ReRead:   Luke 19:38-40

Saturday 3/28/15   Day 34

Ponder:  Passion for God is building in Jerusalem so the flesh must attack.  The Pharisees seek to correct Jesus for stirring the people’s faith and hope.  “Teacher, order your disciples to stop.”  Jesus teaches about the supreme power of God over nature when he tells the religious Pharisees, “If the disciples are silent the stones will shout out!”  Why?


Practice:   Jesus enters our lives when we welcome him; we become aware of His humble presence with us.  All of nature knows Jesus’ identity as the Voice who Created it.  Humans are the only ones who are somewhat ignorant of that fact; pride is the issue.  The stones know this is God’s plan for redeeming the world.  All of nature needs redemption, so when Jesus says the “stones will shout” he is explaining the absolute humble celebration all of creation should embrace at the coming of Messiah, the world’s conquering king.  When we see religious folks spreading hatred, discord, and displaying arrogance, we know it is not Jesus.  Humility is the mark of the Master who gently leads the way to peace.

Prayer:  Father God, I like to be right, but realize more and more how wrong I can be with my words and actions.  Please help me to take a humble posture with people around me. I want to be like the stones and recoginize you are the only Great One.  Develop within me a spirit of humility; make me like Jesus.  Cause me to lovingly protect the hearts of others.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Mission:   You will be given a chance to humble yourself with another person very soon. Practice saying, “I was wrong when I…” Will you discredit him/her, or will you gently love them the way Jesus loves.

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