LIFE Lessons, Bible Study at Connect2Christ Church, Seminole FL

L.I.F.E Lessons

We would love for you to join us on Wed at 7 PM or Thurs at 11:45 AM for L.I.F.E Lessons.

LIFE Lessons Events PageWhat are L.I.F.E Lessons? Some might say they are a one-hour bible study and they wouldn’t be entirely wrong. However, if we break down the acronym, L.I.F.E, it stands for: L-iving, I-n, F-ellowship, E-veryday!

Scripture teaches that we are to live in fellowship with one another, that we are to use our God given gifts to work together for the growth of His Kingdom, and that we are to go out together and spread the love of Jesus. So, when someone says that Wednesday nights or Thursday afternoons at C2C Church are just an hour to study the bible, please know that time serves a far greater purpose. We are coming together to deepen our understanding of scripture, we are seeking ways to apply that knowledge to our daily lives through dialogue with our brothers and sister in Christ who all come with different gifts and knowledge, and we are growing in our relationship with Jesus and in our relationships with one another who attend (just as Jesus wants us to do)!

We do not care if you have never owned or opened a bible, or if you are a retired Pastor who has preached the bible most of your life. All are welcome as we need all levels of understanding or not of the bible. This time is supposed to be about growing closer to the Lord through strengthening our understanding of His Word and by growing in our fellowship with one another as an extension of His body.

The Lessons tend to be a study of one book or subject matter over a period of time, but there is never a need to wait until a new study begins to join us. There is typically a review and some discussion about the previous week(s) before we dive back into the study, so please feel free to drop in at any time. The material that is covered on Wednesday nights is the same material that is covered on Thursday afternoons. Those who attend are most likely different, thus the discussions will vary. If you plan to attend Thursday afternoons, please bring a bag lunch, as there is some time spent in fellowship with lunch during those studies. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out either on our contact page (, call us at 727-230-9723 or private message us on Facebook (


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