Living with Interruptions Day 8

Living with Interruptions

ReRead:   Mark 10:47-48

Thursday 2/26/15   Day 8

Ponder:  If Jesus was to pass by us would we be driven to call out to him?  Would we abandon what others thought and grab ahold of Christ’s attention by asking for mercy?  Is that what we would ask Jesus to extend or do for us?


It is more than likely poor blind Bartimaeus has not been given a lot of mercy by others around him.  He is in this spot every day begging.  Folks avoid him; he’s a nuisance to their time.  Perhaps he is the object of ridicule; we know he was the object of neglect.  He was not being taken care of by family, nor society.  He was forced to beg.  Bartimaeus could have begged for any number of things from Jesus, but notice he first begs for mercy.

Practice:  Whether or not we acknowledge it, we are all desperate for God’s mercy.  If you were to write a list of things you want from God, would mercy be at the top of that list?  Bartimaeus was bold in his faith when interrupting Jesus.  He did not complain about what he hadn’t received; he did ask for change.

Prayer:  Lord of heaven and earth, I want to be bold in my faith when I interrupt you.  I confess I need your mercy and grace.  Help me to receive from your most gracious hand today.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Mission: Mercy is God’s kindness; it is filled with compassion and forgiveness.  Be intentional about sharing God’s mercy with others today.

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