Living with Interruptions Day 7

Living with Interruptions

Read:  Mark 10:46-52

Wednesday 2/25/15   Day 7  

Ponder:  Our culture seems to be defined by interrupting communications. We can experience constant phone calls, text messages, and emails.  It is not unusual to be interrupted by all of these things as you are trying to get out the door to an appointment.  Can you relate to having interruptions when you have someplace else to be?  How do you respond to the demands for your time?


Jesus is trying to get out of town; it is time to leave because he has someplace he needs to go.  Yet, someone interrupts his exit by calling his name.  It doesn’t appear that Jesus is frustrated by this interruption.  Others in the area try to quiet this man; they’re annoyed.

Practice:  We need to learn the value of listening intentionally to the voices of those around us.  Be careful when tuning out distracting voices because you may miss opportunities to help others in need.  Maybe God wants us to open up ourselves and sacrifice our time for the sake of another.

Prayer:  Jesus, just as Bartimaeus cried out to you, I cry out for mercy. I cry out for your time. I need to be made whole in every way.  Today may hold many distractions for me, but help me center my heart in order to offer and receive your grace and care.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Mission:  It is right to guard some of your time; you have responsibilities and God requires that you steward them wisely. It is also right to offer yourself to be used of Christ for the benefit of other people.  You have been given gifts that must be shared; listen intentionally and step into your opportunities.

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